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N’deye Touti a central character of the book God’s Bit of Wood and Fridaus a major character from A Woman at Point both have a false perception of their identities. N’Deye Touti and Fridaus are dependent on the Europeans and men. However, by the words of Baykayoko and stabbing of Marzuk, the final veils fall and N’Deye Touti and Fridaus’s transformation is complete. N’Deye Touti is initially enamored with French culture and society, attempting to be an involved and excepted black Frenchwoman. She originally cuts herself of from her African past, representing the first stage of negritude. Changing herself to be accepted, she makes herself a slave to the Europeans. However, through her experiences N’Deye Touti false perception of her identity is transformed and she is no longer dependent on European culture. The climax of her change is when Bakayoko tells N’Deye Touti that she is a prostitutue to the European culture and no better than Penda a “supposed” prosittue. N’Deye Touti finds truth in Bakayoko’s
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