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Rock to Bach Test 2 - Rock to Bach Test 2 VH1's List of 100...

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Rock to Bach Test 2 VH1’s List of 100 Greatest Albums #10 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club #8 Abbey Road #6 Rubber Soul #1 Revolver Do Wop Groups The Drifters The Coasters The Platters “Fab Four” Saviors of Rock and Roll The Liverpool Years John Lenon (1940) Ringo Starr- real name: Richard Starkey Paul McCartney (1942) George Harrison (1943) The Quarrymen o 1956 Paul and John joined o 1958 George joins Ringo not with them yet Pete Best was the original drummer Beatles name: Buddy Holly and the Crickets o Beatle the insect + “beat music” = The Beatles Hamburg Germany Beatles learned ho to develop a stage presence The Team Brian Epstein, manager George Martin, producer and music consultant The band: musicians and songwriters EMI Records (capitol in U.S.) By 1963, #1 group in England Conquering the U.S. Dec. 26, 1963… released “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “I Saw You Standing There” Feb. 7, 1964… The Ed Sullivan Show, 73 million viewers A Hard Days Night (1964) o 1 st album of all original songs Help Rubber Soul o Transformation album The Religion Blunder (1966) John Lenon lost them popularity because of his comments against Christianity The Drug Culture
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Bob Dylan introduced them to weed and LSD Revolver Musical Innovations Use of latest technology Melodies with larger ranges Meters beyond duple, to triple 6/8 Introduction of new instruments and new timbres The British Invasion 1964 23 #1 hits, 9 by Brits 1965 26 #1 hits 13 by Brits The Beatles o McCartney: refined, elegant, nostalgic o Lenon: raw, raucous, shocking Duality in rock’s mainstream o Softer, more refined, less rebellious bands (Beatles trend) o Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones (The other side of the Beatles) The Beatles helped the Stones 1963, Crawdady Club George Harrison recommended the Stones to Dick Rowe of Decca Records Original Stones = Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Billy Wyman, Charlie Watts 1963 the Stones were started Historians Comments body-based music has constant driving pulse Jagger’s lyrics are hard to understand (slurred) Drug Culture They got so involved with drugs they had to stop touring from 1966-67
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Rock to Bach Test 2 - Rock to Bach Test 2 VH1's List of 100...

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