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Vechell 1 Americans love online shopping. Looking for a rare book? No problem, you can search for it on What about something a little bit more obscure, such as a vintage movie poster. How about your future children? That item sounds a little bit more shocking, doesn’t it? Hundreds of websites advertising egg donation programs are accessible on the Internet. We shop for everything else online, why not shop for our children alongside shopping for our shoes? You can choose the hair and eye color, height, and perhaps even intelligence and personality of your child. Ron Harris’s website, “the most visited egg and sperm site in the world,” even has auctions for the eggs and sperm of superstar models (Lund-Molfese 81). The market for egg donation for use in in vitro fertilization in the United States has become a huge industry, with most of its advertising and information presented on the web. Ron Harris’s website proves that egg donation is often represented in a harmless, uncomplicated, impersonal, and even sexual way, which may be misleading to the average citizen. Americans need to consider all of the consequences of in vitro fertilization, both physical and emotional, before choosing this invasive procedure. In vitro fertilization has become a huge industry in our country because of increasing infertility. Americans have longer life expectancy and many individuals are choosing to pursue their careers before deciding to raise a family, and so they wish to have children in their later years. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine defines infertility as “…a disease. The duration of failure to conceive should be twelve or more months before an investigation is undertaken unless medical history and physical findings dictate earlier evaluation and treatment” (Definition S228). However, with our current scientific technology, most infertile couples can take measure to pursue having a
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Vechell 2 family of their own. The motto of the American Fertility Association is “when it comes to building families, there are endless possibilities” (The American). Options range from simple drugs designed to increase chances of conception to more expensive and effective methods available to parents with ample time and monetary resources. One complicated option, in vitro fertilization, falls under a category of medical procedures known as assisted reproductive technology, which according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is “all fertility treatments in which both eggs and sperm are handled” (Centers para. 3). In vitro fertilization is an expensive medical process that is often used when other more simple fertility methods fail. In this process, eggs are harvested from a donor, fertilized in a laboratory, and then implanted in the mother’s womb in hopes of resulting in a pregnancy. According to G. M. Lockwood, a British gynecologist, one of the reasons that IVF has become so expensive is simply because there are not enough women who are willing to donate their eggs for free. The
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onlineShopping - Vechell 1 Americans love online shopping...

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