Hyunsoo - Fairy Tale According to The Uses of Enchantment...

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Fairy Tale According to The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettleheim, the author presents that fairy tales guide children's development in their "most essential form". The author presents one fairy tale and one thesis-centered essay that develops an argument about fairy tales. He states that, "fairy tale is future oriented and guides the child-- in terms he can understand-- to achieve a more satisfying independent existence." Bettleheim also mentions that fairy tales are not ambivalent, nor good or bad but can relate to reality in some sense. I agree with Bettleheim that fairy tales do guide children's development throughout a child’s struggle. In most fairy tales, the stories deal with some kind of a death, or some kind of dilemma that one can relate to in reality. Cinderella for example, whose father passed away, is taken care of by her step mother with her two other step sisters. Even though she is slaved around and yelled at by her step siblings, she is hard-working and loyal who finds prince charming in the end. One can relate to this reality in some sense because a lot of parents get divorced, and get remarried. For example, my friend Sarah's parents are divorced and her real mother left her when she was young. Sarah's father remarried a woman who had two daughters which became her step-sisters. Sarah used to wish for her real mother to come back because she couldn't stand her Lee 2 step mother and her sisters. She felt lonely and felt like she had nothing to live for. Sarah's
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Hyunsoo - Fairy Tale According to The Uses of Enchantment...

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