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policy memo 6 - What specific strategies should the United...

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What specific strategies should the United States adopt to contain global terrorism? The United States is currently fighting an opponent unlike any other ever recorded in modern history. The enemy in this case is one without borders, a central government, a defined leader, or any real sort of organizational patterns that our intelligence can trace. This elusive enemy is that of terrorism, and combating a force of terrorists is a task that is still being developed and understood. It is especially difficult to quell this force because it is hard to discern the specific motivations and goals of a terrorist organization. Furthermore, because of the unique nature of a terrorist operation, it proves problematic for the United States to target such a group.
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First of all, in order to most effectively combat terrorism against the United States in the 21 st Century, it is of utmost importance to determine that factors that serve as motivation for terror attacks. It has been established that most terror groups are nationalist, and aim at democracies, as democracies are easier to coerce. The public pressure allowed in such a system forces the central government to submit to the demands of an outside aggressor. Terror groups use this fact advantageously, targeting democracies instead of authoritarian states, which are much harder to coerce into action. On the state level, on in such cases as these, the “terror organization” level,
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policy memo 6 - What specific strategies should the United...

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