rise of ethnic war

rise of ethnic war - What does it mean to say "ethnic...

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What does it mean to say “ethnic wars” have become the  most common type of  warfare? 13/02/2008 16:00:00 Civil wars have become the most common type of warfare today War has shifted to the Global South OUTLINE     Rise of Civil War The Banality of ethnic warfare theories of communal conflict Rwanda 1993-94 strong vs. weak states Rise of Civil Wars     Since 1914, the number of states in the world has greatly increased Accordingly, the number of civil wars has experienced the same rate of  increase Why have civil wars increased after 1945? Nationalism: war against a repressive gov’t. o Emerging democracies are more likely to experience wars Ethnic warfare o In a new state, multiple competing interests often fight for power and  control within the state Secessionist revolts o Arbitrarily-drawn state lines include segmented nations who have their  own ideologies and were previously in conflict with each other
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rise of ethnic war - What does it mean to say "ethnic...

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