design - the smallest technology available is a must....

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Sean Basalyga What Makes A Good Design The consumer is a very hard person to please. It must be easy to use, affordable, somewhat attractive and most important, something the consumer will want. What I think all this is based on is design. A good design is something that takes all of these into account and synthesizes them into the best final product. A lot of that designs are made of are actually the current trend. This trend has a lot to do with fashion and what styles are popular at the time. If they are not visually appealing, the consumer will be much less likely to but the product. Another important area of design is being able to fit it all into a nice neat and final package. If a Harley Davidson motorcycle had a bunch of extra loose parts hanging off of it, people won’t buy it! This is often times the hardest part of current design. Especially with current technological trends getting smaller and smaller, efficient use of space and
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Unformatted text preview: the smallest technology available is a must. According to the article “Benchmarking” even products where a good design isn’t all that necessary, such as biomedical devices, now need a good design to please the consumer. For people like myself that have to wear an insulin pump all the time, we want it to at least look good! Even in the laboratory, machines need to become more visually appealing to do well. Along with good design, the easier to use the product the better. The iPhone is cool but if you need 3 years experience to know how to use it, people will not buy it. With increasing technology comes increasing knowledge to know how to use it. Physical and internal design go hand in hand to developing a product a consumer would want to buy. The new age consumer wants the best quality at the lowest prices and without a good design, you will be left in the dust....
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design - the smallest technology available is a must....

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