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Drop Box2 - Drop Box#2 The Bible has been an area of close...

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Drop Box #2 The Bible has been an area of close study for many centuries, however there are still issues within the text that no one can figure out or describe. Through the studies we have done in this class I have found three topics that, I believe, are quite confusing and go unanswered in the text. One such focus is the idea of the Israelite infiltration on Canaan. There are three supposed theories of this story, one being that they completely destroyed everything in their path in order to obtain the land. The other two theories are based on more subtle concepts like gradual infiltration, meaning they peacefully immigrated into Canaan, and social revolt. Although the social revolt may, or may not have been a little violent, this theory suggests that the Israelites were Canaanites all along and they just revolted against their own society. These specific assumptions are based, not only on the Biblical texts, but also on scientific evidence that propose different ideas as well. Another area of interest, for me, is the idea of a theophany. Theophanies are described as the appearance of God to a human being. Many theophanies involve a male hero on some kind of journey, include a sort of life-altering moment, and in most cases the Diety threatens the hero in some form. In Genesis 32, for example, Jacob has an
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Drop Box2 - Drop Box#2 The Bible has been an area of close...

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