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other study guide - occurred in the past Describe the...

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STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM NOTE: This is only a guide, not an exact indication of all things that will be on the exam . Using this guide does not guarantee a good grade. You are responsible for studying all lecture notes, for consulting your film and section notes, and for reading the textbook, as they all contribute material relevant to the exam. Define These Terms (and review textbook terminology or keywords) Taung Olduvai Aegyptopithecus Ju/’hoansi Paranthropus Chronology Zhoukoudian Prosimian Ardipithecus Zhoukoudian Cladogram Genus Vervet Acheulian Write short essays on the following What is a primate? How do anthropologists come up with models for ancient hominid behavior? Which toolkit was more advanced: Oldowan (originating in Olduvai Gorge) or Acheulian? State evidence for why. If you were to take fieldtrips to major Hominid sites in the world, where would you go? Major Essay Pretend you are a scientist who is trying to convince laypersons that human evolution
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Unformatted text preview: occurred in the past. Describe the hominid evidence for evolution, using hominids that were discussed in Dr. Weik’s lectures and your discussion sections. Be specific in the examples you provide for material culture, fossils, and archaeological site locations. Take the position that you do not believe in hominid evolution. Suggest weaknesses or challenges that scientists have to contend with in finding or explaining their data on hominid evolution. If you were an archaeologist who found a fossilized primate skeleton, what features of these physical remains would tell you that it was a bipedal primate? Compare and Contrast the Following Human and non-human primates Create a Timeline: Place the hominids and primates in an earth history chronology. Your Textbook: Review all keywords. Look at the material at the end of the chapters. Use your classmates as a vital resource: Organize and join a study group....
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other study guide - occurred in the past Describe the...

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