Parallelism in The Fountain

Parallelism in The Fountain - Manela 1 Eric Manela August...

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Manela 1 Eric Manela August Black Film 46 4 February 2008 Parallelism in The Fountain “Finish it”: the words that propel The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky, 2006) out of mystery, through peril and strife, to redemption. A span of one thousand years covers the story of one man’s quest to find the tree of life and consequently eternal life for his Spanish Queen and himself, with “finish[ing] it” being a constant reminder of the Thomas’s promise. The repeating motifs of the triangular star pattern and the phrase “finish it” are two examples of parallelism that serve as unifying elements in the development of the story in The Fountain that allow the viewer to draw connections from the start of the film to the finish. The film opens shrouded in mystery, with a goal being established by the film’s first line: “Let us finish it.” Right off the bat the film has set up for varying motif that will show up throughout the film. In the context of this scene, we see a Spanish conquistador unwrapping a ring from his pocket, and remembering the Queen from whom it was received. In his journey to find eternal life, Tomas the conquistador must endure many trials of his character and experience much hardship. The only thing to keep him going in some instances is hearing “finish it.” His wife, Isabelle, is the one who echoes this message throughout the film. However, the presentation is differentiated from scene to scene. The “finish it” motif is a unifying aspect of the film, but it is always brought to the table in a different manner. In modern times, Isabelle asks Tomas to “finish it,” referring to her book she’s writing, The Fountain . She needs him to finish the final chapter of her book,
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Manela 2 which tells the story of their lives, through the 16 th Century Spanish times through to the
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Parallelism in The Fountain - Manela 1 Eric Manela August...

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