Pan�s Labyrinth

Panâ��s Labyrinth - Pan’s Labyrinth 22:39:00 ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Pan’s Labyrinth 03/03/2008 22:39:00 ← Setting: • 1944, Spain • end of civil war. Resistance to fascist regime is stationed in the woods. Sound editing ← first shot: girl lying on ground, reverse shot: nose bleed ← ← starts with darkness of underground, scales up tlightness. Flash of light as transition is made of the above world ← ← cut: fade from one scene to next, go from past to present • ruins of building in both shots ← scene change: riding in car with girl and her madre • setting: woods o first shot we see of Ofelia is her hands in her book, over a picture of a girl dancing with fairies foreshadowing mother is sick and pregnant • o girl’s name is Ofelia o picks up rock with eyeball picture on it o finds statue it belongs to, plugs it in o bug crawls o ut of its mouth, stalks the caravan and follows them scene change: arrival at the outpost • Captain’s first line: “15 minutes late” o Ticking clock sound • Seems to be a very controlling figure • Introduction of Mercedes: servant woman to the captain • Fairy/bug followed them there, Ofelia chases it into the woods o Through an archway with Pan’s head on it o Into labyrinth o Stonewalls are dark and murky o Mercedes says that it’s been there for a long time, even before the mill was there • Known that Ofelia’s father was a tailor, died in the war, is not the captain ← ← scene change: back at mill • cpt describing new moves to make against the guerrillas • Mercedes listening in • Doc is a good guy, gives mother medecine to sleep, puts it beside bedlight; repeating element, Ofelia gives a lot to the capt as he chases her • He helps Mercedes smuggle meds and goods out to soldiers in the woods • mother’s room is dark, except for the fireplace •...
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Panâ��s Labyrinth - Pan’s Labyrinth 22:39:00 ←...

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