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Pham Michael Pham WRC 1023.050 Professor Swellander 24 March 2008 Pot heads running in the streets, legally? In today’s society we are shown that marijuana is dangerous and deadly. For example, is a rising website that appeals to teens in an attempt to convince them that smoking marijuana is a deadly sin. The scare tactic: fear. Engraving the fear in every teen until they are dead against smoking and only able to listen to what they are told. An example of this fear is an advertisement where young adults witness their friends getting high who are unable and unwilling to do anything, leading to sadness and depression, due to the use of marijuana. The other side of the story, stating that marijuana is not harmful, is however not shown on TV. The perception of marijuana in the eyes of is negatively biased. They portray marijuana to reduce memory, inhibit driving abilities, limit attention span, increase the risk of schizophrenia, generate paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks, and in some cases, causing breathing problems. ( The legalization of marijuana could lead to more car accidents due to driving while under the influence. If marijuana was legal many more people would do it, so the fear of it being illegal helps keep usage rates low. Long-term, regular users of marijuana may become psychologically
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marijuana legalization - Pham 1 Michael Pham WRC 1023.050...

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