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Children at large 3 - Children at Large 1 Childhood obesity...

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Children at Large 1 Childhood obesity is an emerging problem that is becoming more and more glaring as time goes by. The life style of most United States families acts as nourishing soil for childhood obesity. For so many children in the United States, if it hasn’t happened already, childhood obesity is something that is just waiting to happen. The damages of childhood obesity include lifelong physical and emotional problems, some of which are irreversible. How did childhood obesity become such an epidemic? There are several factors that contribute to the disease. One reason for the rise in the number that are affected by this disease is lack of physical activity and an increase in non- physical activities, such as: video games, computers, and TV watching. It doesn’t help that parents are not pushing for physical activity either (Doyeon & Kravitz, 2007). For too many American families, this type of sedentary activity has become normal and acceptable. The Nemours Foundation (2005) has found that children less than eight years of age spend an average of two and a half hours watching TV a day and children who are older than eight years of age spend an average of four and a half hours a day watching TV. Increased amount of TV watching puts the chances of childhood obesity much higher. It was also found that children living in the United States, on average, were only participating in 12 minutes of intense physical activity per day (Doyeon & Kravitz, 2007). Another contributing factor to childhood obesity is the food that parents are feeding their kids. Parents are causing their children to pay life long consequences for the sake of their immediate convenience. Fast food is one of the easiest ways to get food on the go. The Nemours Foundation (2005) has
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Children at Large 2 found that fat packed fast foods are one of the contributing factors to childhood obesity. These fatty foods can lead to health problems that include: high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, sleeping problems, and liver and gull bladder diseases. The Nemours Foundation (2005) also claims that “…reliance on ‘food fixes’ to deal with emotions can also contribute to weight gain”. This
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Children at large 3 - Children at Large 1 Childhood obesity...

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