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Pham 1 Michael Pham WRC 1023.050 Professor Swellander February 18 th , 2008 Violent video games, dangerous for children? Are children becoming more violent because they play video games instead of reading books or going and playing with friends? I think not, American children have not become more violent because of video games and that is merely a myth. Much evidence shows that video games and children violence have no correlation. Video games in a way can be dangerous due to the fact that children sometimes give out information to online friends, though never met them and interacted with them in person. But in most cases, a calm and nonviolent child plays a violent game, after the game will remain a calm and nonviolent child. I have seen an example in which a parent only allowed their child to play one hour of video games per one hour of reading books. The child did this, and read one hour then played one hour of games, and the game in a way was his freedom, his chance to become who he was not. Many children play video games not only just to pass the time but to capture a sense of freedom that is lacking in their lives. It is very exciting to step outside of our shoes and explore ones we have never entered before. Although children are entering a virtual world, they still can understand what is real and what is the game. Before entering middle school the average elementary school student has seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television (CQ TV violence), so is it fair to say that violence in video games account for a large reason for children to become violent after playing violent video games? The American Psychological Association (APA)
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violenceinvideogames - Pham 1 Michael Pham WRC 1023.050...

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