The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity 2

The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity 2 - The Epidemic of...

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As the years go by, it seems that parents are getting called more and more on their unethical parenting. Whether it be neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse or a number of other things they do to harm their children, parents are being forced to take the blame for their dysfunctional parenting. In this array of unethical parenting acts, one is rarely ever mentioned. Childhood obesity is usually deemed the fault of the child who‘s weight is concerning. It is time that the finger is pointed at the real culprit: the parent. Raising an obese child is unethical parenting and the abuse needs to stop. Childhood obesity is becoming an all to familiar term in the US. According to the article “Overweight and Obesity” by the Nemours Foundation, 10 percent of two to five year-olds are overweight and over 15 percent of children between the ages of six and 19 are overweight. This means that about one in three children are overweight or obese. This problem is not one that seems to be going away either, it only seems to be getting worse. According to an article by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of overweight young children has doubled since the 1970’s and the number of overweight school aged children has tripled (“Overweight and Obesity: Childhood Overweight”). The increase of childhood obesity is the fault of American parents. Parents today are after convenience more than they are after ethically raising a healthy child. In Bowen McCoy’s “Parable of the Sadhu”, his fellow climber and adventurer said it best, “‘Each was willing to do his bit just so long as it was not too inconvenient’” (104). This is exactly how too many parents operate today; they are willing to be good
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The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity 2 - The Epidemic of...

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