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1 Pham -111-30-07 Michael Pham @01073834 Personal Leadership Plan When it comes to my mind, and I concentrate and think about what true leadership is, I came up with, leadership is how one individual can influence and change the course of many lives. I have seen many do this and have been changed by many leaders. My definition of successful has changed many times in the last year, whether I thought being successful meant being filthy rich, or being successful meant being happy. I hear reasons and figure out for myself if they make sense, and if they do, I try to live to that definition. For example, my best friend told me that his goal for college wasn’t to just graduate, but to become a multi-millionaire by the age of twenty-one. He explained further that by becoming rich he would have much leisure time and could buy many things and could figure out things he hadn’t been able to because he didn’t have time, and having money essentially bought him time. I saw that this theory was fairly correct, but I only saw half of the picture. After speaking to my father about this genius idea, he said, “If you do the things you love, and become a millionaire so be it, but don’t just attempt to go do things to become a millionaire, for you will never satisfy your hunger for money.” He also explained to me that if I did become a millionaire I would probably have no time for leisure because I would be so enthralled in my work to generate more profit, and more profit would never satisfy my greed. So I have decided to take the second path, the more “righteous” and that’s where my personal leadership plan comes in.
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leadershipplannnn - 1 Pham 11-30-07 Michael Pham @01073834...

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