24 - Passive Vs. Active Evil 1/17/08 Life you save may be...

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Unformatted text preview: Passive Vs. Active Evil 1/17/08 Life you save may be your own- Moment where evil takes place = I think an evil idea first takes root in Toms mind when he sees the possibility of fixing up the automobile Three different sections of the story: 1) Establishing the characters/foreshadowing the action 2) Negotiation 3) Perpetuating of evil Tom Shiftlet = - Gaunt/ wind blowing him (easily swayed)- Composed dissatisfaction in spite of youth- Steel-trapped jaw (bunny caught insuch as innocence)- Long, black-slick hair (untrustworthy, unctuous)- Name shifty or shiftless Mrs. Crater = - Hand on hip (attitude or authority, lack of fear, dominance)- Perceives him as a tramp (quick and decisive, sizes up)- Leans forward in her seat (eager or anticipating) Shiftlets claims: 1) That he is philosophical/intellectual 2) Moral intelligence or goodness/ consciousness/ a lot of decisions 3) Poor/innocent 4) Money not important- Isnt exactly premeditated that he is going to drop her offmany things come together to end up with him leaving her (man interested in her, no other diners, she falls asleep)- He lies about destination, says she is a hitchhiker- Does he know that he did the wrong thing? 1/24 Life you save. There were times when Mr. Shiftletman with a car has a responsibility for other.. Why ironic? Does Shiftlet recognize what he ahs done? He exits the story still not facing what he has donethe rottenness is that awful boy who didnt even thank him for the ride. He seems tormentedstepping on the gas trying to beat the storm, seeing the boys hat in the cloudsno self-satisfaction or positivity, rather depressed, unhappy, guilty Any divine commentary? Kid was a kind of judgment, as well as storm, cloud Sun was always presentnow cloud covers the sun like a judgment Very quickly he stepped on the gas, with his stump sticking out the window Not lending him dignity, rather demeaning him with the word stump Showing him flawed; using his disability to show there is something fundamentally wrong with him. *Passive Evil...
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24 - Passive Vs. Active Evil 1/17/08 Life you save may be...

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