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Pham 1 -1Michael Pham Ronnfeldt WRC 1013 16 November 2007 America’s Longest War According to Richard Nixon, “No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now”. Indeed, the facts on America’s longest war in history have been falsely reported then and now become a very hard topic to research efficiently. There are many different perspectives with truths and biases. Look at the war from an American perspective and you will hear things such as the Vietnamese people were a harsh and unkind people, and did many unlawful things to prisoners of war. But, from the Vietnamese perspective, Americans were a harsh and unkind people and did many things to civilians that were unlawful. I think this is a little redundant, and needs to be re-worded so that it’s more professional. Also, what is your thesis? You need to have one that tells the reader what you’re writing about. The war began in 1959 because Vietnam was separated into two major powers, the N orth and S outh (capitalize all of the North’s and South’s unless you‘re describing the word “Vietnam”) The north being the Democratic Republic of Vietnam , and the south being the Republic of Vietnam. Once French rule was over in 1955 , many north ern Vietnamese wanted the entire nation to be a communist country, but the south wanted it to be a democratic country. Many nations during that time period were becoming communist (why is communism bad? Explain why). America believed in the domino effect, which stated (different word here) that if Vietnam fell to
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Pham 2 communism then the entire south east Asia would follow, and so they attacked with the
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vietnamwar paperrerererere - Pham 1 Michael Pham Ronnfeldt...

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