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Christianity Notes

Christianity Notes - Christianity(Section II Semester I...

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Christianity (Section II, Semester I, 2007) **2000 years ago Jesus instituted new covenant between God and human beings As Christians understand this new covenant is now between God and ALL human beings regardless of their ethnic entity. Views of this covenant: 1) Totally new 2) Some see it as a restoration of the covenant between God and Noah. 3) First of God’s covenants with Abraham (Found in writings of Paul) Testament = Covenant (DIATHEKE) - Two parts of Christians’ Bible contains Old Testament and New Testament…the Old - Testament is considered superceded . - The rituals held in the Old Testament are abrogated . - They still claim that the Old Testament is Scripture and were made by the same God, but do not follow those obligations and laws. - Some actually say the character of God has changed from Old to New. (Trinity not mentioned to Jews)…some refute this saying God did not want to give impression of polytheism…or perhaps God was unable to reveal fully who He was - N.T. is 1/6 size of OT; was written originally in Greek unlike OT which was written in Hebrew (some parts in Aramaic) - Christians still consider OT Scripture = but ritual obligations abrogated, God’s personality abrogated, etc. Demographic Profile: 1.8B – 2.1B are Christians in this world out of 6B total 1 out of 3 persons are a Christian (so to speak…of some form of Christianity based on self- identification) 400,000 individual churches in the year 1900…TODAY 3.5 million churches across the world! Barrett believes there are about 2B total Christians…he separates them into FOUR different groups. 1) Roman Catholic Church – 1B (increasing amount) 2) Traditional Protestant – 260M (actually declining) 3) Anglicans – 83M (mostly countries colonized by England; Nigeria is largest) 4) Orthodox – 218M 5) Evangelicals – 221M 6) Pentecostal (Charismatic) – 550M These demographics are accurate as of 2003 by David Barrett. Many churches broke apart over the filioque argument (where the Holy Spirit originates) TP gave rise to TWO different movements…1) Evangelicals and 2) Pentecostal (Charismatic) Evangelicals - Believe in evangelizing and going out to spread the word of the Gospel - 1 -
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Pentecostal - Fastest growing movement - Characterized by very fervent belief that God continues to perform miracles, signs, and wonders among people - Believe first step is getting baptized in the water…second step is spiritual baptism; also believe in the speaking of tongues - CHARIMA (Greek word for “gift”) Geographical Divisions: 1980/2000 % Pop. 1) Africa 203/393 44/47 2) East Asia 19/32 1.8/2.4 3) Europe 410/431 87/80 4) Latin America 349/571 94/92 5) North America 220/253 88/85 6) Oceania 20/28 86/85 7) South Asia 109/192 7/9 8) U.S.S.R. 97/118 36/37 Largest Numbers: 1) Latin America 2) Europe 3) Africa Europe’s number declining at alarming rate…one factor = Muslims immigrating in large numbers. North America’s % pop. declining…but, numbers increasing…partly due to immigration
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Christianity Notes - Christianity(Section II Semester I...

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