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Islam Notes - Islam(Semester 1 2007 TWO sources for sacred...

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Islam (Semester 1, 2007) TWO sources for sacred doctrine: 1) Koran 2) Example of Mohammed (Hadith – collection of actions and words of Mohammed) Number of Muslims in the world = 1-1.2B (closer to 1B) (In context of “self-identified”) no more than 10% pray 5 times a day. No drinking of alcohol (Turkey has highest drinking per capita and is 95% Muslim) Origins in the Middle East however no longer primarily a Middle Eastern religion Vast majority of Muslims are NOT Arabic (in ethnicity, origin, or language); are, in fact, in Asia (esp. Indonesia) Not all Arabs are Muslims ; many in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon are Christian (small handful of Jews) FIVE Areas of Muslim Populations 1) Arabic-speaking Middle East a. Almost every ME country has majority Arabic-speaking population b. Israel (8/92 Muslim/Judaism) and Lebanon (50/50 Christian/Muslim) are exceptions c. Largest country in Arabic-speaking is Egypt i. 63M Muslim = 90% ii. Other 10% is Coptic Christianity (one of oldest forms of Christianity in the world); is decreasing greatly d. Morocco – 30M (98-99% Muslim) e. Algeria – 30M (98-99% Muslim) f. Iraq – 25M (98-99% Muslim) 2) Asia – a. Indonesia – 200M Muslim (90% of total) ( more in Indonesia than any other country) b. India – (2 nd largest Muslim population in the world) – 120M Muslim (12% of total) c. Pakistan – 115M Muslim d. Bangladesh – 112M Muslims (85% of total; other 15% is diverse) Iran – 65M (almost 100% Muslim) U.S.S.R. – 50M Muslims (19% of total); live in the “stan’s” China - ? 13-26M? (1-2% of total) – northwestern China Afghanistan – 22M Muslims (close to 100% of total) 3) Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa a. Almost all are majority Muslim b. Extremely small populations c. Chad (50% Christian) in Sharan region is only half Muslim d. Most sub-saharan are NOT majority Muslim e. 200M total Muslims in Sub-Saharan i. Nigeria 70M (50% of total) ( largest country in Africa) ii. Ethiopia – 30M (45% of total) 4) Europe - 1 -
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a. Majority Muslim i. Turkey – 60M (100% is Muslim) ii. Albania – b. Great numbers of Muslims; i. Likely to continue to grow; immigration is likely to increase 1. United Kingdom – sub-continent (India, Pakistan, etc.) and Africa, West Indies etc.; 2. France – immigrant percent = (8-9% possibly 15% so say 10% ); main colonies in North Africa 3. Germany – most immigrants are from Turkey; after WWII labor shortage in Germany so Turks invited to supply workers; 5% of population is Muslim ii. Great birthrate amongst Muslims 1. 4-6 per Muslim couple 2. Italians 1.2 birthrate 3. Likely that in 30 years half of France’s population will be Muslim 4. Great Britain same but not as quickly 5. Sweden and Holland perhaps quicker 5) North America a. Canada (Toronto, larger cities) b. United States – Total Pop. = 290 M (2-3% are Muslim); more Muslims in U.S. than Jews (2% MAX)! i.
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Islam Notes - Islam(Semester 1 2007 TWO sources for sacred...

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