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Judaism Notes - JUDAISM (Semester 1, 2007) Demographic...

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JUDAISM (Semester 1, 2007) Demographic Profile: 1.8 B Christians 1.1 B Muslim 14-18 M **The first major monotheistic religion in the world arose from Judaism…Christianity.** Four most important figures of the 19 th and 21 st century: 1) Albert Einstein 2) Sigmund Freud 3) Karl Marx 4) Charles Darwin GOY (non-Jew, Gentile) All were Jews, except Darwin. Of 100 senators in Congress…11 are Jewish. ABC, NBC, and CBS are funded by Jews. Monica Lewinsky…Jew. Where do Jews live? 1) USA (5.8M) 6) Canada (.3M) 2) Israel (3.1M) 7) *Argentina (.3M) 3) USSR (2.7M) 8) * Brazil (.15M) 4) France (.665M) 9) South Africa (.12M) 5) U.K. (.41M) 10) Australia (.07M) ** Result of immigration before World War II. Three cities of largest Jewish population: 1) New York , 2) Miami , and 3) L.A. TWO trends that have caused change in Jewish population: 1) WWII (appx. 10 million Jews in Europe prior…now appx. 1.1 million) 2) Founding of the state if Israel a. Either voluntary or expelling of Jews in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, etc. b. Also came from North Africa, Syria, and Canada THREE Trends likely to characterize population in next century: 1) Jewish population of Russia rapidly declining a. Assimilation b. Immigration 2) Jews that remain in Western Europe (France, Holland, Germany) are rapidly declining - 1 -
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a. Anti-Semitism therefore immigrate to U.S. and Israel i. Rising tide of Muslim immigration ii. Deep-seated European dislike Per year illegal immigration to Italy (2.5%) = 20 years of Hispanic immigration in U.S. 3) A continual interchange of population between U.S. and Israel a. Dual-citizenship or loyalty to nations 14-16M Jews today (based on self-identification) therefore must include… - Jewish sects/cults - ignored groups (i.e. Ethiopia) - indigenous groups (in India) - some stand between Jud./Christianity and Jud./Islam - sub-Saharan groups (abandoned Christian identity and gone back to Old Testament) Definition of Judaism = 1) mother was Jewish (lineal descent) 2) have converted to Judaism If those rules are applied the actual number of Jews would be 12M. That number is declining around 500,00 per decade due to… a. low birth rates b. inter-marriage (often referred to as the “Silent Holocaust”) Another way of counting a Jew: CORE…practicing, professing Jew (“good Jew”) If this was applied the number of Jews would be 1.5M. The remainder of Jews are Jewish by ETHNICITY . <50% believe God exists. They are atheists. 40% American Jews are affiliated with a synagogue. 17% American Jews keep Jewish dietary laws. 44% keep minimal Sabbath observances. ****”Being” Jewish means you are a descendant of Abraham. There are ETHNIC and RELIGIOUS components. LAW OF RETURN:
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Judaism Notes - JUDAISM (Semester 1, 2007) Demographic...

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