Reflective Journey #1-2 - Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective...

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-1Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective Journey #1 September 12, 2007 Will I be able to give myself permission to expand my world? Well, I don’t need permission to expand my world, I am always waiting for new experiences and new information. To expand my world people must have knowledge and experience, and must understand many things. I am not saying you must be smart, because smart to me is an opinion and it is a comparison. For one to say they are smart, there must be something to compare themselves too, when dealing with kids in the freshman seminar class I do believe I am on the same level of thinking or a higher level of thinking. But, when it comes to my father I am surely dumb. I am not downing myself, I am being realistic. You also have to think about what measures the word, smart. A person that can see things faster than others, or knows more information than others and can recall them. If I were asked Paul, what he thought about the American Revolution, and he splurged out information of why he thought it was the greatest time period and so on, you would
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Reflective Journey #1-2 - Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective...

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