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-1Michael Pham August 22, 2007 WRC 1013 RonnFeldt Diagnostic Essay Who am I? Well, some may call me Michael, but to my friends that know me well, know that I am a person with a lot passion, emotion, and heart. I was born in Austin, Texas on September 24, 1988. I was born in a large hospital named St. David’s Austin Hospital. When I was growing up I wanted a lot of things, but one thing was money. I never had enough and I always asked people for money. When I was younger my grandparents owned this local grocery store, and they had a little arcade section with three machines. I would always go up to my aunts and uncles and go get quarters from them and then go play. Once I had gotten quarters from one aunt I would go to the machine. But this time was different, I wanted more quarters, so I went to four aunts and got four handfuls of quarters. I probably had around fifteen dollars in quarters, until I got caught. Fortunately, I only received a slap on the wrist. Career wise, I have wanted to be many different things. I have had dream about
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