Reflective Journey #2 revised - Michael [email protected]..

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-1Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective Journey #2 September 19, 2007 I am willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve what I set out to do academically. Although I am willing to, that doesn’t mean I always do it. There is plenty of distractions and mental clutter in my life. It is not if I am dedicated to removing them, but if I am actually capable of removing them myself. My junior year of high school was fairly important. I took a creative writing class with the notorious Mrs. Haug. As a sophomore English teacher, she was hated amongst her students, because of how difficult and demanding she was. But in creative writing, she was a brilliant and a helpful teacher, she taught me how to display my emotions on paper, she practically changed my life. At the end of the year, we had a compilation of the best pieces from the class and it was also open to students who just wrote on their own time, it wasn’t as prestigious as it sounds. I did have two pieces in it though, probably 150 pieces were entered, and about 60 were chosen for the book. I will never forget what she wrote in my book, “Michael, Don’t ever forget that writing can save your life, maybe it already has.” I feel I have no physical distractions, but am haunted by my thoughts all day long. It is extremely
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Reflective Journey #2 revised - Michael [email protected]..

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