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Ch. 1 IDs

Ch. 1 IDs - History 17A Key Terms Openchancanough Born in...

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History 17A – Key Terms Openchancanough Cahokia Mound- Building Societies Contrasting World Views The African Ethos Born in late 1550s Died in 1640s (90+ yrs old) 600 AD 600 AD 16 th -18 th Centuries Tsenacommacah (currently Virginia) Present-day St. Louis Mississippi & Ohio Valleys America Africa Europeans that emigrated to Virginia – brought diseases, gave themselves a dangerous image, and built plantations Openchancanough kept prisoner for 2 years & was shot in the back and killed by a European guard. Center of a mound- building, agricultural society, perhaps 40,000 inhabitants. Plazas, 100 ft. high temple. Native Americans evolved – traded & communicated in the Northeast. In the Southeast, there were more people and social & political organization was more elaborate. Europeans & Native Americans had very different views on social status and personal importance. Africans believed in a Supreme Creator and in lesser deities. Europeans left a viral infection that spread through a group of people that had no immunity against it. There was a nature of violent intermingling or Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans. Marked the first Metropolis in America & conducted long distance trade. Influence of mound- building societies had transformed the woodlands societies along the Atlantic. Tribes were far from “savages” and had added agriculture to their skill w/ natural plants & developed food procurement strategies. N.A.s shared land; Euro believed it should be privately possessed. NAs stressed group over individual.
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History 17A – Key Terms Social organization in W. Africa was as Prince Henry the Navigator Christopher Columbus Martin Luther 1420s 1492 1500s Portugal – journeys led to Madeira, the Canaries, and the Azores From Europe to the
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Ch. 1 IDs - History 17A Key Terms Openchancanough Born in...

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