Reflective Journey #3 - Michael [email protected] Reflective...

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-1Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective Journey #3 October 4 th , 2007 Option 1 Creative thinking may help me get better grades but, I do not think I require creative thinking. I believe that with proper study habits I should be able to reach my goals. I believe that we create our own creativity, I do not believe that our place of study has much to do with that. As long as the place is fairly air conditioned and has sufficient amount of light, and I need creativity, then I will have creativity. What I am saying is when under pressure, I will perform. But I still must progress in my study habits. I think I am not studying enough, because of my grades. I feel my grades are fairly low right now, but I can change that with getting help from different tutoring sites such as the Thomas Rivera Center. I know I must study on a daily basis, and from that I will retain information better and will be able to recall it when the test comes. Study groups are fun, but I believe that people become off topic and it is easier to study alone. Other things
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Reflective Journey #3 - Michael [email protected] Reflective...

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