Reflective Journey #4 - Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective...

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-1Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective Journey #4 October 22, 2007 The Fredericksburg trip was a very interesting and fun trip. I saw many things, I had never seen before such as how people used to live in the 1915’s. The woman tour guide was very knowledgeable and told us all the exciting things we could make with milk, among other things. She showed us so many fruits and meats in a jar, fruits such as peaches, apples, oranges, and a lot of other delicious looking treats. She even told us that the meat that was covered with fat in the jar could last as long as a year. “You only eat that day if you help out with the farm enough.” And I just think, do we do enough in our days to eat? What I mean by that is are we productive enough in our daily life styles? I believe we waste a lot of time, doing meaningless things such as playing video games, or watching television, and even arguing amongst each others. While we could be doing what I believe to be more productive, such as empowering the
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Reflective Journey #4 - Michael Pham @01073834 Reflective...

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