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4.8.08 - 1 Requirements of offer Intention-When it comes...

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1. Requirements of offer Intention-When it comes down to the contract, make sure your intent is spelled out clearly. Advertisements are not usually considered offers. Ex. 50% off, its an offer Specificity- must cover major terms and have the obligations spelled out ex. A husband and a wife made an agreement with each other, he goes to law school passes the bar and she works and pays the bills, then she goes to graduate school when he is out of law school, it was never in writing and went through for three years, he passed the bar etc, but then he decided that he wanted to get a divorce. They get a divorce and then she sues him for breech of contact, the court said they never made a contract three years ago, you intended to, because the agreement was too vague. Tuition rates, what type of grad school etc were all too vague. Perfect illustration where court can play as if there is a contract, so that she will end up getting money for reimbursement for paying for his law school education. Then they awarded her damages.
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