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Phil 3/18/08 The Question of the meaning of life The nature of the philosophical perspective Break away from the automatic point of view Every age has its own predigests We are born into an age where philosophical questions have already been answered What predigests did we grow up with? Capitalism (is this the best form of economy) Science establishes truth SL does not accept that. Scientific truth does not cover all truth. Uses “my own case” as a springboard to the universal For the vast majority of man kind, educated and uneducated, live their lives very close to the specific task and chores of that hour. Stay that close to the practical concerns of our life. Some take vacations to break the chains of our enslavement to these tasks. Our mind begins to think freely. “why did I take that exam” and “now it just doesn’t seem so significant” Once that step is taken you are moving toward a philosophical terrain. The nature of moral crisis.
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