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BRING A LARGE BLUEBLOOK FOR MIDTERM 9/28/07 Genocide modern phenomenon targeting certain group/s based on logic, not passion or hate Nazis wanted to exterminate every Jew and eliminate any traces of Jews within civilizations of the west. Values were completely changed; it was a value to exterminate a people and remain “decent” Topics we will discuss: motivation for Holocaust, human behavior (individual vs. group), why was it accepted, why did they not care that they were losing their neighbors, why did a small amount of people act with a conscience, why did western political systems fail to stop what was happening in Europe, doctors/nurses/educated people with PhD’s even participated in killing. Science, medicine and technology was then used to destroy life. What happened to individual and moral choice? Why and how it happened the way it did. Its meaning and significance. Racism: an ideology that believes there are superior and inferior races. 9/30/07 How is it possible for human beings to kill on such a massive scale? The term “Genocide” is new. Lempkin came up with this term and introduced it to human vocabulary in 1940’s so that the international community could come up with conventions to outlaw genocide. Lempkin’s Definition of Genocide: Deliberate acts committed with the intent to destroy a national, racial, religious or political group on grounds of the national and racial origin, religious belief, or political opinion of its members This was thoughtful, calculated, intentional murder of civilians as opposed to collateral damage which happens at war. New definition made by convention emphasized the word “intent”: any number of acts committed with the intent to destroy either in whole or in part a national, religious group. Types of Genocides: Ideological genocides: committed with the aim of promoting particular ideology or doctrine. o Ex: Nazi genocide of Jews, Ukrainians, mentally disabled, Gypsies. Nazis truly believed that killing these groups would benefit and strengthen their nation o Ex: Turks genocide against the Armenians, which was also about promoting a national ideology for one nation of Turks and no other groups
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o Ex: Soviet communist genocide of the Kulaks- the intentional destruction of a land-owning cultural class- part of the communist revolution that u need to take away and remove groups that would be a hindrance to the form of a new nation. Retributive Genocide: based on the idea of a punitive murderous policy- Punishing a group for a purpose of restoring the domination of one ethnic group or class within a state, and the group they are targeting is in some ways threatening that group—another way of asserting and reasserting power within a state where there are conflict o Ex: French in Algeria in 45-62: French were trying to restore colonial power o Ex: Iraqi genocide of Kurtish population in 1988-1991 Kurts were and ethnic minority within the Muslim state, and wanted to squash any idea of
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