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social stratification test two info!!

social stratification test two info!! - 2-26 Chapter 3...

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2-26 Chapter 3! Gordius knot- gordius was a king who dedicated the knot to zeus. Oracle says anyone who can untie the knot is the next king of Asia. Alexander the great just cuts it in half. Becomes king. The knot is seen as an unsolvable problem. What does this have to do w/ social strat?--> race class and gender is so entangled that it’s a problem to solve. Sociologists look at how inequalities in a society are sorted in identifiable layers in a society.(class race gender sex) 3 core dimensions of inequality= race class and gender. Also religion and ethnicity and sexuality. Having access to the right schools, financial resources business and professional contacts, and particular opportunities play a large role in turning hard work to hard cash. Sociological imagination out ability to connect our personal biographies to the broader sweep of history and society and to see the connections between personal troubles and social conditions. C. Wright Mills. 4 main forms of stratification 1. Caste system- “the untouchables” born in that class and stay there. In India. 2. Class system- USA. Based on social class. Class is a group of people who share a similar economic system. Industrialized societies most likely to be in class system 3. State systems(feudal)- seen in England. 4. Slavery system- lives owned controlled and restricted. Seen as property. Birth, military defeat, debt, capture and commercial trade are the ways you can become a slave. RACE CLASS and GENDER Race a category of individuals labeled and treated similar because of common inborn biological traits such as skin color, color or texture of hair, shape of eyes, nose and head. Race is a social marker people use to exclude or include certain people. Same race discrimination- light v. dark skin. Ethnicity culture, history, and language. Non biological traits. Gender not sex. Not biological. Created woman and man. Born male and female. Socialization and gender automatically separate the two at a very young age. Want people to know if our baby is male or female. Gender is more of a continuum. Social class similar economic positions in a society. Our social class determines our diet our way of life, life expectancy, inheritance.
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Cohn interviews 200 working class, 200 middle class couples with at least one child. The middle class values differed from working class in that they didn’t stress their kid to listen and think within the box. Where as working class did stress this because they were used to being ordered around due to their manual labor jobs. Hunting and gathering and how we got to where we are now H&G- Division of labor is man hunts women gather- woman’s role is vital to communities survival. Tools are primitive. Egalitarian. No diversity. Same values. No inequalities. Small groups. Predominately bands of kin. No surplus of food because only got what they needed, no storage of food. Principal assets= human hunting and magic skills. Major class or stratification = chiefs, shamans then tribe members.
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social stratification test two info!! - 2-26 Chapter 3...

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