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Lecture 11 - Soc 1 Intro to Sociology Fall,06 Mindy Romero...

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Soc 1: Intro to Sociology Fall‘06 Mindy Romero Race and Ethnicity: Structural Conditions Week Seven Theories of Prejudice: Sociological Perspective Disagrees with psychological perspective Instead, examines factors outside the individual - focuses on how some environments foster prejudice, while others reduce it Functionalist Perspective Conflict Perspective Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Individual Versus Institutional Discrimination Individual discrimination: The negative treatment of one person by another on the basis of that person’s perceived characteristics. Institutional discrimination: The negative treatment of a minority group that is built into a society’s institutions. Functionalist Perspective Sees prejudice as providing a moral justification for maintaining an unequal society that routinely deprives minorities of rights and privileges Sees prejudice as discouraging minorities from attempting to question their lower position in society
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Sees racial categorization as suggesting that societal changes would only bring greater poverty to minorities and lower the majority’s standard of living Dysfunctions of Racial Prejudice and Discrimination A society that practices discrimination fails to use the resources of all individuals
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