Lecture 14 - December 5

Lecture 14 - December 5 - Soc 1 Intro to Sociology Social...

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Soc 1: Intro to Sociology Social Movements: Theory Week Ten - 12/5/06 Social Movement: large numbers of people that organize to bring about (proactive) or resist (reactive) social change Social movement organization: Organization established to promote the goals of a social movement Types of Social Movements o Alternative: Goal is to alter or limit some aspect of people’s behavior. o Religious (Redemptive): Goal is for total change of people’s behavior radical o Reform (Reformative): Goal to reform some aspect of society MADD, work within existing system o Revolutionary (Transformative): Goal is total change of society itself. Don’t work with existing system Want to replace it altogether 5 Stages of Social Movements o Initial unrest and agitation Beyond this point most social movements fail o Resource mobilization Need resources to move forward in movement o Organization Have cause, have resources, need to come together to being process o Institutionalization Quasi-bureaucracy Specific job duties Attempt to become more efficient o Organizational decline and possible resurgence Individuals w/in organization stagnate Need a charismatic leader to continue breathing new life into purpose The Role of Propaganda o Propaganda: The presentation of information in an attempt to influence people and their opinions or actions. Symbols are an important and often utilized tool in the promotion of propaganda. Mass media are ‘gatekeepers’ to social movements via control over propaganda. Manipulating mass media is the main thing social movements do.
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Lecture 14 - December 5 - Soc 1 Intro to Sociology Social...

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