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Ch. 11 Explain how presentational speaking skill can be of practical use, both while you are in college and afterward. The component skills and principles will increase likelihood that others will listen out of genuine, compelling interest. What are the stages of the audience-centered public speaking model? 1. Select and narrow topic 2. Identify purpose 3. Develop central idea 4. Generate main ideas 5. Gather supporting material 6. Organize presentation 7. Rehearse presentation 8. Deliver presentation Suggest both criteria and strategies for discovering a good presentation topic. Deciding whom the audience will be, what the occasion is, and what are my interests and experiences. What are the three general purposes for presentations? To inform, persuade or entertain With what phrase should an audience-centered, specific purpose statement begin? At the end of my presentation my audience will be able to… In what ways does a central idea differ from a specific purpose?
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