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G. Moore, Classroom Cottage #40Film IPlease do not write on this sheet;please use separate sheets for your responses. “Jurassic Park,” Comprehension and Discussion Questions:respond to the following with complete sentences (or copy each question first) and standard, conventional English. 1.How does Spielberg create suspense in the very opening scene, from 0:0:50 – 0:3:25 (consider the audio as well as what we see in each shot versus what we do not see)? 2.In that same first scene, how is Robert Muldoon, the game warden, cinematically established as an important character (consider the costume design and the camera movements)? 3.What would you call the camera movements from 0:1:25 to 0:1:53? 4.What is implied in the extreme close-ups of Muldoon’s eyes and the velociraptor (0:3:10 to 0:3:14)? 5.What do you infer when the worker’s hand becomes limp and slips away (0:3:19 to 0:3:24)? 6.What do you call the transition between shots at 0:3:24?
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