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Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review - sure to taste the sauce as it is truly...

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Prof. Buchin HF 100 October 14, 2007 Carlo’s Cucina Italiana Carlo’s Cucina Italiana, 131 Boylston Street, is a little slice of the North End. Unfortunately, the pizza is plain, and so some of the most important flavors of Italy were not present. The service is superb at the start, but leaves the customer feeling abandoned until the bill arrives. The menu is varied and flavorful, but whatever you decide, make
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Unformatted text preview: sure to taste the sauce, as it is truly superb. The interior is well decorated with a hand-painted mural of the Italian countryside on each wall, as well as a sky-painted ceiling. The lack of outside advertising makes this location a hidden gem off of Commonwealth Avenue, but as for Boston, I would have to suggest staying in the North End for Italian. 2 out of 5....
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