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Unit 9 Journal 3 Civic Narrative

Unit 9 Journal 3 Civic Narrative - their emails Once power...

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The solution does not work for everyone, for more than one reason. First of all not everyone is computer savvy let alone know what social media is. People would have to already be on social media and have an idea of what to do online for this to work.A lot of people specially the elderly have no idea what social media is and the few that do would probably need more training. Second reason is the fact that there is a lot of people without power or internet at the moment. The Idea is great and all, but how do they expect people to have access to the page when if they cannot even check
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Unformatted text preview: their emails. Once power is restored and if they have internet this idea might take off. I think its a bit to early after the incident to require people to go online., the community as a whole need to have a device to access the internet. There is no knowledge of who has a computer or a smartphone in the community. This is a good idea, but the team is going to need more information to ensure the success of the online community. It will help bring more attention the problems that they are having though....
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