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Unit 7 Project Part 5: Project Analysis—Q&A

Unit 7 Project Part 5: Project Analysis—Q&A - Is the...

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Patrice Paulisca Unit 7 Project Part 5: Project Analysis—Q&A Purpose The teams will apply the questions asked on p. 199 of the textbook to their project. Answers to those questions will assist your team in creating a topical outline for the team presentations. Each team member will then individually draft answers to questions on pp. 200-201 of the textbook; these responses will help you develop the topical outline for the body of your paper. Is the solution difficult to understand? No it is a very simple concept, a battery pack. It look like a small back pack. Is the solution awkward to use or implement? The solution is not awkward it is very easy to implement,its as easy as switching out the battery on your cell phone. Does using the solution involve significant delays? No there will be no delays, the solution is applied during the manufacturing process.
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Unformatted text preview: Is the solution too costly to build or implement? The solution is a bit more expensive to implement since a third party company is involved in it. Is the solution unnecessarily complex in design or format? No it is a simple solution. Is the solution uncomfortable to use? It is comfortable since it in a form of a backpack. Is the solution likely to break or malfunction? No the battery pack is attached to the exoskeleton, there is no way to break it off. Will most people find the solution ugly or unappealing? The solution is a part of the product it will not appear bulky or unappealing. Does the solution clash with any other product or process it should harmonize with? No the solution is its own unique design....
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