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Unit 3 Journal 3 Civic narative

Unit 3 Journal 3 Civic narative - sound like it might be...

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Patrice Paulisca Unit 3 Journal 3 Civic narrative Unit 3 Journal 3 Civic narrative After reading the script with Angel, John and Mary it made me think about where the forum should be held. They all made some good points as to where it should be held. Since they are worried about their image, i think that it is best if the forum was held at the school.Base on the reading the church seem to have a lot going on, also it is in a bad location. Even though the option to do it at the school will require some funds from the group, I still think it is a better choice, the group can come up with a fund raising to pay for the location. It also
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Unformatted text preview: sound like it might be more convenient for everyone, no one will gather in a bad location. Hosting it at a school will give just as good as being at a church. Hosting it at a church may not be too comfortable for all the members who would attend, it is fair for everyone if it is at the school. The church would have been a great place but everything must be put into consideration to get this forum right. The more people that shows up the better, with that being said the school is the best option....
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