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unit 2 journal 2 - the ones to protect the citizen of the...

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Government plays and important role when it comes to community restoration. They should be the main source of support financially when it is necessary. For example " In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the federal government responded by doling out more than $60 billion in total emergency spending, an appropriation process driven strongly by politics." Government should also be able to provide answers to questions that citizen. Immediately after a disaster the government should be the main one proving support in the community. Government leaders should be available to the citizens and should be
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Unformatted text preview: the ones to protect the citizen of the community. This is where you see the true power of the community after a disaster, citizens come together to help one another. Even the smallest gesture can be a great way for a citizen to show support. For example if you notice that one of your neighbors home was badly damage. A good citizen could support that neighbor by helping with cleaning or even building if it's possible. That to me is an a way a great way to support the community restoration even though its just that one person....
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