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CS-103 HW3.1

CS-103 HW3.1 - CS-103 Bruce Hoppe 1 I thought that the...

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CS-103 Bruce Hoppe 1. I thought that the advanced search option for Usage Rights was very interesting because it allows users to search just for pages that allow users the right to use and share commercially, or for all types of licenses. 2. When I searched for a web page that has many incoming links, I thought about the sites I had visited previously that were well connected, such as Google, Woot!, or Yahoo. When searching for a web page with few incoming links, I chose to search for an event that would not have been publicized publicly, therefore limiting the amount of exposure over the World Wide Web. 3. The number of web pages linked to is directly related to the number of audience members I will be able to reach. This is because, if I link directly to Google, for instance, then my website will return in a search of web pages linking to Google. This will increase my audience, and my readership. However, for privacy reasons, I will not be linking out of my website.
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