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Unformatted text preview: CS-103 Bruce Hoppe October 27, 2007 Homework 7 1) Based upon the search algorithms of Grokker, Google, Del.Ic,Ious, and other engines, one of the most important ways to have your website appear in a search result is by adding popular tags. One can research a list of popular tags by going to tagalert.com, a website that shows the most popular tags searched by anyone over any specific search engine in the past 24 hours. After compiling a list of the most popular tags, a user could just embed the tags into his or her website, and wait for the Google robots to crawl the internet again. 2) Log onto www.opendesigns.org Take a look on the right side to see if any new posts interest you If not, click on "Forum" Search through the forum. Many new designers post a description of their software so you can understand exactly what it does Download the software or copy the HTML and place it on your website Enjoy http://www.123flashchat.com/ It allows the user to install java chat directly into the website. It will be especially useful if I choose to have a like web conference with a user on my website. I can lock the chat room with a password, and make any user register in order to receive the passcode. 3) ...
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