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Critic's Checklist

Critic's Checklist - Critic's Checklist Service Attentive...

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Critic’s Checklist 14/10/2007 16:58:00 Service: Attentive Seated within 10 seconds of entry Water/napkins within first 10 seconds of seating Menu: Sunday lunch menu until 2pm Slightly expensive for lunch ($14-16) Good variation in entrees, each made with either chicken or steak Beverage Service: Wine list presented with menu.  No one ordered wine Ambiance: Bright yet romantic lighting Small space seems cramped, yet comfortable Authentic Italian music piped in through hidden speakers Walls painted in exquisite hand-painted murals Table Setting: Bread plate, water goblet, 6 pcs. Bread and olives Chairs: Comfortable, yet without padding Sized appropriately Linen: Linen napkins appropriate for d é cor Folded, look new Checkroom: None available
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Bathrooms: Clean, fresh smell Two bathrooms available Waiting Area:
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