CS-103 HW3.1

CS-103 HW3.1 - Three other websites that do what my site...

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The two most important goals for my website are to allow future casting agents to contact me with potential acting parts, and to host my virtual, living resume. This will save both time and paper, as it will be accesible online, and it will update instantly. The primary audience for my Web site is casting agents, who will refer to the website to look at my updated resume, and get in contact with me with possible roles. I want the audience to consider me for various roles, look at my resume, and use the contact page for more information about me. I predict that the site will contain about four pages. My site will be site built from scratch. My website will link to my high school's theatre website, the national Thespian Society website, and perhaps even a website where a video of past performances can be viewed.
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Unformatted text preview: Three other websites that do what my site will are below: http://www.danielterdiman.blogspot.com/ http://www.jaimekoeppe.com/ http://www.dotparagon.com/gillresume.html The Site Layout will be as Follows: Home Page Resume Page Multimedia Page Contact Page I will focus mainly on supporting FireFox, as users of both operating systems can use this browser. I am using GoDaddy hosting. An ordered list would be appropriate for an attendance list. Each name could be referred to quickly, and have a number assigned to it. An ordered list would not be appropriate for listing the students for an activity where each student is to be considered equal. As each name is listed with a number, it would create a feeling of inequality....
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CS-103 HW3.1 - Three other websites that do what my site...

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