Lecture 27 - Metal Origins

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Unformatted text preview: Rock Music History Lecture 27 Heavy Metal Style/Origins Heavy Metal Music Style More aggressive, powerful, & louder than other rock styles of the 70's Defining sound: Bass riffs performed with extreme distortion Lower register riff Riffs generated from both the pentatonic scale and modal scales Reliance on power chords Root and fifth, no third Modality vs. typical harmony Modal harmony used in medieval folk songs Draws out the medieval themes found in heavy metal lyrics Extended guitar solos make heavy metal songs more instrumental than lyrical Heavy Metal Music Style More aggressive, powerful, & louder than other rock styles of the 70's Lyrics typically screamed and hard to understand Pounding rhythms played at breakneck speed Characteristic Themes found in Heavy Metal Lyrics Psychological Supernatural/Mythological Occult mysticism, satanic themes Dark side of humanity, chaos, morbidity, good vs. evil, fear, etc.. Politics & Society Anti-war End of civilization Drug addiction Masculine, macho Musical influences include blues, folk, & classical music Heavy Metal Origins British Origins Proto metal Heavily influenced by the blues All of the groups either started jamming on the blues or had members that were heavily exposed to it during their formative years Jimi Hendrix Experience Jeff Beck Group 1968 album release of Truth Influenced direction of both Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Origins British Origins Proto metal Cream: first power trio (guitar, bass, & drums) Formed in 1966 after Clapton left John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Guitarist Eric Clapton(b.1945), bassist Jack Bruce(b.1943), & drummer Ginger Baker(b. 1939) Music Blues based High Volume Fast tempos Bass riff Double bass drum Lyrics to Sunshine of Your Love by Eric Clapton (Modified 12 bar blues form) First Verse It's getting near dawn, When lights close their tired eyes. I'll soon be with you my love, To give you my dawn surprise. I'll be with you darling soon, I'll be with you when the stars start falling. Chorus I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love. Second Verse I'm with you my love, The light's shining through on you. Yes, I'm with you my love, It's the morning and just we two. I'll stay with you darling now, I'll stay with you till my seas are dried up. Chorus Guitar Solo Second Verse Chorus British Heavy Metal British Origins British Metal Bands in chronological order Led Zeppelin (1968) Black Sabbath (1969) Deep Purple (1969) Motorhead (1975) Judas Priest (1971) Iron Maiden (1978) Def Leppard (1979) British Heavy Metal Led Zeppelin Formed in 1968 Guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones, & drummer John Bonham Signed to Atlantic Records for $200,000 1969 first album release Zeppelin I *First album to include heavy metal song examples "Communication Breakdown" & "Dazed & Confused" British Heavy Metal Led Zeppelin "Dazed & Confused" Bass riff Lyrics Tormented love song with references to drug addiction Extended guitar solo Live: Jimmy Page's use of the violin bow w/electric guitar Music reflects storyline Descending bass riff sonically reflects the torment experienced by the first person narrative Extended improvisation is very psychedelic almost representing a drug related experience very soft and subtle dynamics to the complete opposite dynamic extreme 2nd Album release: Zeppelin II Song exemplifies Led Zeppelin's ability to switch from Lyrics to Dazed & Confused as performed by Led Zeppelin Intro: Bass Riff 1 w/guitar fills Verse1: Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true, I wanted a woman, woman, woman never bargained for you. Lots of people talk and few of them know, Soul of a woman was created below. bass/guitar riff1 played louder Verse2: I worked and I worked and I worked for my pay Sweet little baby then you pushed me away I don't know where you're going all alone just where you been Sweet, sweet little baby I want you again new Riff 2 played w/more intensity segues to original riff Verse3: I said come here baby, come here quick This old cocaine it makes me sick Here comes a police man dressed in blue Mama don't you know, don't you know he's been doin' things, he's been doin' them to ya Interlude: extended guitar solo w/improvisational riff based on original Everyday I've worked so hard bringin home my hard earned pay I try to love you baby but you push me away I don't know where you go with and I'll I know is where you've been Sweet little baby, I want you I want you again babe Riff 3 w/extended improvisation ...
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