anth 101 final review

anth 101 final review - Possibly multiple species of Homo...

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Possibly multiple species of Homo erectus o 1.8 mya all Homo erectus look the same o Over time, differences emerge o Around 1.8mya, Homo erectus moves out of Africa Asia Homo erectus Europe Homo antecessor, Homo heidelbergensis Africa Homo ergaster o What kinds of adaptations allow it to exploit new environments? Cultural? Biological? o What routes did Homo erectus take to move out of Africa? The Old Story (see handout) (This is what we used to know about Homo erectus ) Evolved in Africa Developed Acheulean tools ~ 1.4mya o Oldowan and Acheulean tools are Lower Palaeolithic tools o How are Acheulean different from Oldowan? o Ex: hand axe o Acheulean tools are not found in Asia Which tool technology did Homo erectus in Asia use? Left Africa 1mya Gradually underwent changes (brain size, culture) The New Story (This is what we now know, with new evidence) Homo erectus in SE Asia as early as 2mya (earlier than we thought) o Java o China Fossils are primitive looking o They look more like Homo erectus/ergaster in Africa Homo erectus in Europe as early as 1.8mya o Dmanisi, Georgia Fossils are primitive looking (like ergaster in Africa) o Later fossils in Spain have changed 780 kya So what is the new story of Homo erectus? o
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anth 101 final review - Possibly multiple species of Homo...

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