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Biology Lab Report - Lauren

Biology Lab Report - Lauren - Meiosis Observed Through the...

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Meiosis Observed Through the Crossing of Sordoria Strains Lauren Woo March 3, 2008 Kristina Henkel Materials and Method An agar plate cut into small squares and covered with a mycelial mat was already prepared. A sterile Petri dish of crossing agar was labeled in black permanent marker with the bench letter (Bench A), sordaria types (+ and t) and TA name (Kristina Henkel). The aseptic technique was used. A small metal spatula was placed into 95% ethanol and heated with the end downward using a Bunsen burner (to prevent alcohol from running onto fingers). The Bunsen burner and gas valve were shut off and the small metal spatula was cooled for 10 seconds. In order to know if the small metal spatula was cool enough it was tested by contact with the side of the agar. Using the metal spatula, two blocks of Wild-type black (+) culture Sordaria fimicola was obtained and transferred to the sterile Petri dish. The Wild-type block was turned upside down with the mycelium contacting the surface of the crossing agar. Once again the spatula was placed into 95% ethanol and reflamed. The procedure was repeated and two blocks of mutant tan (t) cultures Sordaria fimicola were obtained and transferred upside down to the sterile Petri dish into the t labeled marks. Over a period of one week the plates were incubated in the dark at approximately 22-24 degrees Celsius. After incubation, the cross plate of black and tan strains is observed and the locations of where the mycelia of the two strains overlapped/fused are identified. The visibilities of dark lines of perithecia were also noted. Using a toothpick, perithecia was carefully collected by scraping the outer rim of the cross dish (where the most concentrated perithecia samples were located. The perithecia sample was placed on a slide with a drop of water and covered with a cover slip. Perithecia were ruptured using the toothpick and pencil erasers. The slide containing ruptured perithecia was examined under a microscope and groups of asci and hybrid asci were counted, thoroughly examined and recorded.
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