Black vase and red vase - bronze reconstruction Romans made...

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Black vase and red vase. Different styles of vases. Show Trojan war on both sides. Archaic Period 600 – 480BC Classical starts at 480 BC. Persians destroyed Acropolis city, led by Xerxes. Took Athens. Arch changes dramatically after the Persian invasion. Archaic smile disappears as times get worse. Serious , sober , stoic faces. Severe style ( very short) 480 – 450BC Age of Percales 450-400BC , Persian threat unified Greece. Athens became major city. Sculptures Charioteer – found at Delphi, made of bronze , 470BC , 71inches tall. Bronze original can be later melted down for weapons. Romans copied Greek art. Eyelashes made from cTheopper. Eyes made of glass. Very realistic. Artemision – it was found under the water , it is sculpture of Zeus. Six feet , 10inches. Original bronze sculpture. Arms are stretching to the space. Very realistic. 460BC. Size matters. Muscular an d shows athleticism. Spear Bearer – by Polykleitos , original from bronze is lost. 450 – 440. There is
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Unformatted text preview: bronze reconstruction. Romans made a lot of copies , because Polykleitos was very famous. Shows athleticism. Javelin thrower. Beautiful muscle definition. Roman copies are not that good. Classical serious face as Archaic smile is gone. The big thing about this sculpture is pose. The weight is on one leg and the other leg is relaxed. It is the way we stand normally. We don’t have this in Egyptian or archaic art. Discus thrower – 450BC , Roman marble copy of the bronze original, life size , made by Myron. Very athletic , amazing masterpiece. Anatomy , realism and the pose are incredible. Riache Two Warriors – bronze , found under the water at the tip of Italy. Anatomy is even more understood. One of them is taking a step. We don’t really know their purpose but based on style and pose we can guess that one had a shield and spare in his hands so we call them warriors. Gods and the athletes are their favorite subjects....
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Black vase and red vase - bronze reconstruction Romans made...

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