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Academic Autobiography It happened two weeks ago. Seventeen-year-old boy from Lithuania, small country in Eastern Europe, came all the way to University of Texas at Dallas and was sitting at his first lecture – RHET 1101. He did not know what to expect, everything was new and scary for him. He left his first lesson simply terrified – group work, oral testimony, writing papers - so much work to do! A week later, in the same RHET 1101 class, he was given a PLSI (Paragon learning style inventory) survey, which showed, that he is INFP – introverted feeling with intuition. He looked to this quite sarcastically , until he got home and read description of it in “Introduction to type in college” , written by John K. Ditiberio and Allen L. Hammer – everything matched perfectly! That was exactly what he needed – description of him as a person and some tips on how to do well in college. And so his journey begins. .. Yes, you are right – I am that seventeen-year-old boy and I am proud of who I am and what I achieved so far. Coming all the way here from Europe, so far from my family, girlfriend and friends, was not an easy decision. I thought that everything here will be terrible for me (I was so wrong!). The fact that I was coming here to STUDY did not make my situation any better, because I never really liked studying a lot, except things, which were really interesting for me. So the amount of time which I spend learning everyday came as a real surprise for me. Chess have always been in a first place for me, but everything has changed now, learning became the most important thing. But even bigger surprise is that I almost enjoy studying! The lectures are not boring; various new technologies are used to help professors, a lot of communication between students and most importantly – great relationship between student and professor. That is the thing which I had not expected at all, because back in my country, professors seems to be in outer space and they rarely come back to earth to speak with students after or before a class.
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All this is probably my best academic experience ever and I hope that it will affect my approach to learning radically, in a good way of course. As I had mentioned before, I am an INFP person. INFP persons, according to the
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Tautvydas Vedrickas

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