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Aging in global perspective Social Construction of Aging Tiwi vs. Abkhasians ( cia kur jeigu nebeatlieka zmogus funkciju uzkasa, tipo senoliai, tai isnesa I dykuma, uzkasa iki galvos smelyje ir palieka mirti, it is called covering up.) Here people often just leave older people in nursing homes. The big part of countries in the world reached average age expectancy of more than 65. Symbolic interactionist perspective Ageism: The concept
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Unformatted text preview: • Shifting Meanings of Growing Old. • Influence of the Mass Media Functionalist perspective • Disengagement Theory • Activity theory – you have to keep yourself busy in order to stay normal. • Continuity theory – if you were active etc. your whole life you will be that way when you are old too. Conflict Perspective • Social Security Legislation • Intergenerational Conflict...
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